Peer Review Process

Dear authors, they should sign up for the first step in order to register their article in the journal. Then login via login and password to your account and upload the article file and copyright form. Upon completion of the loading, the paper will be available to the editor-in-chief of the journal, and the preliminary review will be carried out in order to comply with the publication framework. In the event of compliance with the article's writing, the review process will begin, and the results of the arbitration will be sent by e-mail to The author will be notified and will be tracked via the account.

Terms of acceptance of the article:

The research paper should be the result of research by authors in the field of applied chemistry or related sciences. Translation of articles is not accepted.
 Submissions should not be published in journals in and outside the country. You should also not be sent to another magazine at the same time. The articles received by the editorial board in cooperation with the experts will be reviewed and, if approved, will be published with due regard.
The final decision will be made by the editorial board for the publication of the article. Magazine's Office of Repatriation is the main article that has not been published due to its publication.
The Journal of Applied Chemistry (Science of Science) reserves the right to reject or accept, as well as editing articles for itself. The editorial board is in favor of reforming (with approval) the author.
It is imperative for all writers to complete and sign the form of the engagement letter and refrain from reviewing and publishing articles that have not filled out the letter of commitment of the authors.