Journal of Applied Chemistry was renamed to "Applied Chemistry Today" on 22/01/2024.



Quartile in ISC:


Rank in the Ministry of Science:


Start to Publish:


Publication Frequency:


Journal Language:

Persian and English (Abstract : English)

Time of primary review:

Less than 10 days

Peer review type:

Single blind: Authors' identities are known to reviewers. The existence of a submitted manuscript will not be disclosed to anyone other than reviewers and editors.

Average of review time:

2-5 months by minimum two incognito reviewers

Article Acceptance Rate:

37 Percent

Access type:

Open Access; Free of charge

Paper Plagiarism Checker:

To prevent plagiarism, Applied Chemistry Today uses Samim Noor plagiarism checker for identifying articles.

Publication Ethics:

are based on the principles of the International Committee on Publishing Ethics (COPE)

Publication fees(article processing charges or APCs):

According to the regulations of determining the cost of article processing in open access scientific journals of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, in order to cover part of the costs of the journal and improve the implementation of processes related to the journal, the amount of 4,000,000 Rials is received from the authors as article processing charges (review, editorial processing, and page designer chaarges editing) when the article is accepted.

Attention: please, click on the article code and connect to electronic banking to pay the mentioned amount to the dedicated income account of Semnan University.

Article acceptance scope:

The subject area of the publication is in the fields of (analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, applied chemistry, nanochemistry, chemical engineering, etc.), and the in order to inform the scientific community of the country publication of articles of science board at the national and international levels  is based on the results and achievements of researches and and the introduction of major developments in the field of applied chemistry and its related subjects.

Articles that do not have a purely theoretical and review aspect are prioritized for publication.

Current Issue: Volume 18, Issue 69, February 2024