Author = Sajjadi, S. Maryam
Simultaneous removal of some dyes using advanced electrochemical oxidation method: Multivariate calibration (PLS) method

Volume 1399, Special Letter to the Fourth Conference on Applied Chemistry in Iran, August 1998, 2020, Pages 27-33


Fatemeh Mahmoudian; Farideh Nabizadeh Chianeh; S. Maryam Sajjadi

Synthesis and delayed germination of vinyl acetate-butyl acrylate copolymer for coating of sugar beet seeds using combined experimental design and image analysis

Volume 13, Issue 49, December 2018, Pages 21-28


Farahnaz Hamdi Holasoo; firouze nemati; Ali Amoozadeh; S. Maryam Sajjadi; Dariush Taleghani