Simulation of fluidized bed reactor to remove acid yellow 36 by computational fluid dynamics method

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Chemical Dye is the most common pollutant which is used in plastic, textile, paper, cosmetic and food industries. Due to dye's chemical structure they may not be degraded readily by typical chemical purification or biological treatment methods, so that advanced oxidation processes (AOP) is rapidly becoming an attractive alternative for the degradation of organic or inorganic contaminants. In this investigation, simulation of the fluidized bed reactor to remove yellow acidic dye by heterogeneous Fenton process with computational fluid dynamics method is studied. Hydrodynamic and reaction parameters of CFD results are compared with experimental data, law discrepancy between experimental data and CFD model confirms the reliability of the CFD model.    


Keywords: Simulation, Computational fluid dynamics, Fluidized bed reactor, Degrading dye, Advanced oxidation process, Heterogeneous Fenton process.