New Plasmonic Sensor Designed to Detect and Evaluate the Progress of Cancer Cell MDA-MB-231

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In this paper, simulation results coming from finite element modeling of three-channel plasmonic sensor are presented and discussed. Plasmons are highly sensitive to changes in the refractive index of their surrounding environment, which is essential in identifying a subject specimen. In this paper, the output power for a sample of breast cancer cells, as well as sensor’s ability in assessing disease progression is presented. The sensor has the ability to decipher up to thousandth digit and provides three plasmon resonance wavelengths for the subject material. This characteristic is one of the main advantages of this sensor, since it increases the accuracy of a diagnosis. Sensor resolution of 10.86% was calculated for disease progression. Furthermore, it will be shown that changes in sensor’s length and consequently, sample’s volume, will have no effect sensor’s sensitivity. The proposed sensor has characteristics that set it apart from other sensors.

1- because of its structure, with little damping, it can limit and concentrate the light in the fiber,

2- it can identify two materials simultaneously,

3- three resonance peaks can be obtained simultaneously for a unique material, hence increasing diagnosis accuracy,

4- it can sense changes in refraction index up to thousandth digit.


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