Biomimetic oxidation of sulfides with sodium periodate catalyzed by multi-wall carbon nanotubes supported Mn porphyrin

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1 Department of Chemistry, Payame Noor University, P.O.BOX 19395-3697 Tehran, I.R.Iran

2 مرکز پژوهشی شیمی محیط زیست، دانشگاه پیام نور اردکان، یزد، ایران


In the peresent work, tetrakis(p-aminophenyl)porphyrin manganese(III) chloride was attached through an amide bond on multi-wall carbon nanotubes and the prepared catalyst was characterized by different methods. After synthesis and characterization of this catalyst, its catalytic activity was investigated as heterogeneous catalyst in the oxidation of sulfides with sodium periodate. Different sulfides were converted efficiently to their corresponding sulfoxides and solfones by this catalytic system. The oxidation products were sulfone and sulfoxide which isolated and identified. The effect of reaction parameters such as catalyst amount and different solvents on the catalytic activity was also investigated. This catalyst was reused several times without significant loss of its catalytic activity.


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