Investigation of the effects of polyelectrolyte, phosphate and pH values on the removal of impurities in the cane sugar juice clarification


Department of Chemistry, Sharif University, Tehran, Iran


The clarification of mixed juice has been the subject of research for decades, due mostly to its large impact on sugar quality. In this study, the Chemical precipitation parameters such as pH of the solution and phosphate and polyelectrolyte, were studied and optimized. Evaluation of the obtained data of performance polyelectrolyte type on effective parameters in coagulation of impurities such as turbidity, settling rate and mud volume indicated that the polyelectrolyte Accofloc Cheminova India is more effective than Taifloc3045 and BesflocK320 polyelectrolytes. Moreover typical juices from factory were clarified in laboratory trials under a range of pH and phosphate conditions. The results indicated that pH and phosphate had major effects on the residual concentrations in clarifier.The maximum capacity of adsorbent for impurities were obtained at pH =7/7 and P2O5 = 300 ppm.