Optimization of electrochemical decolorization of Acid Blue 25 by central composite design and desirability function

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In this context, a rapid electrochemical decolorization of aqueous Acid Blue 25 solutions on a batch reactor using a rectifier was studied. The central composite design (CCD) has been chosen to elucidate the combined effect of four process variables; applied potential, pH, electrolyte concentration and temperature. The decolorization percentage (measure of remediation) and the energy efficiency (measure of energy saving) were considered as responses that were optimized simultaneously using desirability function. Under the optimum conditions of applied potential (5 V), pH (2), KCl concentration (0.1 mol L-1) and temperature (20°C), 100% decolorization percent and 167.1 mmolkW-1h-1 energy efficiency was predicted, that was close to obtained results (100% and 163.2±0.5 mmolkWh-1).


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