Determination of Folic acid using electrochemical sensor based on carbon nanoparticles/ cellulose nanofiber

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In the present work, an electrochemical sensor was constructed by drop casting of carbon nanoparticles/ cellulose nanofiber suspension on the surface of glassy carbon electrode. Developed sensor was successfully applied for determination of folic acid. The combination of carbon nanoparticles/ cellulose nanofibers led to production of a novel electrochemically active nano-composite. The surface characterization of the deposited layer onto glassy carbon electrode was performed by atomic force microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. The voltammetric results showed a considerable enhancement in the anodic peak current of folic acid (about 27 times) on the surface of CNFs/CNPs/GCE relative to the bare GCE. Under optimum conditions, the modified electrode showed a good linear response to folic acid concentration in the range of 0.1–10 µM. High sensitivity, stability, good reproducibility of the electrode as well as low detection limit responses can be considered as significant features of the prepared modified electrode. This sensor was successfully applied for the accurate determination of folic acid in pharmaceutical preparations.