Synthesis of hydrogel nanocomposite biodegradable and pH-sensitive for targeted drug delivery

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In this study, hydrogel nanocomposite based on chitosan was synthesized in the presence of montmorillonite nanoclay , then was investigated the water absorption of the hydrogel in distilled water solution with different pH and also by the hydrogel drug release at pH of 1 to 6 and 7.4. For this purpose hydrogel nanocomposite was synthesized monomer glutaraldehyde on chitosan in an acid environment. Hypothetical mechanism for the formation of hydrogel nanocomposite offer and were confirmed structure by FTIR, SEM and XRD. Measuring inflation in distilled water and in solutions with a pH of 1 to 12 showed that the hydrogel nanocomposite synthesized water absorption capacity equal to 221 g / g  and also is the maximum amount of water absorption 1 = pH . In the second phase drug into the hydrogel nanocomposite vinblastine drug was loaded and the amount of drug release was measured in simulated body, such as cancer cells (acidic) and peripheral blood (healthy cells pH=7.4 and temperature 37oC).