Removal of Hazardous Pollutant Dye from of the aquatic environment by Using of CINERARIA MARITIMA

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Dyes combinations is one of the most critical pollutants for natural ecosystems in the environment. Dyes sanitation industries such as textile factories to water, reduces the penetration of sunlight and the intensity photosynthesis of aquatic plants and algae in aquatic environments, Therefore damage to the environment. The purpose of this study is to investigate the removal of dyes Brilliant Green from aqueous solutions using absorbent cheap, accessible and easy preparation plant CINERARIA MARITIMA.This was a practical study that was done on a laboratory scale. Various parameters such as PH, contact time between the absorber and dissolved, the effect of the mass of adsorbent to remove dyes for extracting and adsorption isotherms was investigated. To measure the remaining concentration of dyes was used spectrophotometer at a wavelength of 625 micrometers. To evaluate surface properties of the absorbent SEM device was used for imaging.Overall, the results of this study demonstrate that the activated carbon made of (CINERARIA MARITIMA) can be as an effective absorbent for the removal of Brilliant Green dye used. Thus, in this study it was found that adsorption at neutral PH can be done better. In this study, the optimum amount of contact time and adsorbent mass in concentration 5 ppm were obtained 45 minutes and 0.3 g, respectively. And it was found that absorption obeyed of the Temkin adsorption isotherm. The absorption data is in agreement with the kinetic model of second grade.