Nano-magnetic Fe3O4@cellulose-NH2-CuI composite: A simple, effective and reusable heterogeneous catalyst for N-arylation of amines and nitrogen heterocycles

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School of Chemistry, Semnan University, Semnan, Iran


A practical and mild synthetic strategy has been investigated for the ligand free arylation of aromatic amines and nitrogen heterocycles using nano-Fe3O4@Cellulose-NH2-CuI as a recoverable catalyst based on magnetic cellulose.ّ Firstly, the cellulose was functionalized with amine groups and then was composite with nano-magnetic particles and Copper(I) iodide. The development of efficient methodology for formation C-N bond is one of the most important reactions in organic chemistry. The nano-Fe3O4@Cellulose-NH2-CuI as a cheap, heterogeneous and recyclable catalyst produced the corresponding compounds in high yields. The recyclability, high yields, short reaction times and simple procedure of reaction are merits of this new methodology.


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