Kanemite from rice husk ash as an efficient, cheap and recoverable base catalyst for production of biodiesel

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1 department of chemistry,Semnan University

2 Department of chemistry, Semnan University, Semnan, Iran


In this work, Kanemite was prepared from rice husk ash and used as a heterogeneous base catalyst for production of biodiesel from sunflower oil. The catalyst was characterized by PXRD, FESEM and FT-IR. The transesterification conditions, such as the catalyst dosage, molar ratio of methanol to oil, reaction temperature and reaction time were investigated and optimized. The results revealed that by a catalyst loading of 5 wt. %, methanol to oil ratio of 24:1, reaction temperature of 65 °C and reaction time of 4h, conversion of biodiesel reached 97.2%. Moreover, the catalyst could be reused up to five cycles under the optimum reaction conditions without significant loss of product yield.


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