Kinetics and mechanism investigation of electro-oxidation of mesalazine drug in the presence of arylsulfinic acid

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Chemistry, Payame Noor niversity (PNU), 19395-4697 Tehran, I. R. of Iran

2 Chemistry Dept. Faculty of science, Persian Gulf University, Booshehr, Iran

3 1-Pharmaceutics Research Center, Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Kerman, Iran. Postal code: 7616911319 2- Plant Protection Research Department, Kerman Agricultural and Natural Resources, AREEO, Kerman, Iran


In this research, the electrochemical oxidation of mesalazine was investigated in presence and absence of benzenesulfinic acid and 4-toluenesulfinic acid as a nucleophile using cyclic voltammetry and controlled-potential coulometry. The results indicate that quinoneimine generated by oxidation of mesalazine, participates in reaction with arylsulfinic acids via Michael addition reaction in a ECC electrochemical mechanism pattern. To approve the proposed ECC mechanism, electrochemical synthesis of oxidation of mesalazine was also performed in the presence of benzenesulfinic acid and the obtained product, was identified by of FT-IR and mass spectrometry spectra. Homogenous rate constants (kobs) of Michael addition reaction for quinoneimine generated by oxidation of mezalasine with arylsulfinic acids, were estimated by cyclic voltamogram digital simulation method.


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