Construction and testing of epoxy base self-healing nanocomposite using montmorillonite nanoparticles

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1 Chemistry Faculty, Applied chemistry Dept.

2 Faculty member of Semnan University

3 Iran, Babolsar

4 Iran

5 Iran, Sari


In this research, it has been tried to construct a self-healing epoxy based nanocomposite using montmorillonite (MMT) nanoparticles. Urea-formaldehyde microcapsules were made using in-situ polymerization in the presence of Montmorillonite nanoparticles and MMT modified microcapsules were studied using FT-IR and optical microscopy (OM). The analyzes showed that the use of montmorillonite was effective in the preparation of microcapsules and improved their properties. Finally, the epoxy based self-healing nanocomposite was made using MMT nanofiller and DCPD healing agent. Finally thermal stability of self-healing nanocomposite reinforced with clay nanoparticles was investigated using thermal gravimetery analysis as well as mechanical strength before and after damage.


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