Design of sensitive electrochemical sensor as the analytical tool for methyldopa in drug and biological samples

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Gas Research Institute, Iran Oil Industry Research Institute, Tehran


In this work, an electrochemical sensor based on carbon paste electrode modified with Au nanoparticle and 1-methyl-3-octylimidazolium chloride was fabricated as a sensor for determination of methyldopa. Au nanoparticle synthesized by Nettle extract and characterized by UV-Vis and TEM methods. The modified electrode showed good electrical conductivity for methyldopa signal. The effect of pH showed that electro-oxidation of methyldopa occurred with two electrons and two protons. The fabricated sensor showed the dynamic range 0.08-550 μM with detection limit 0.04 μM for determination of methyldopa. In the final step, the fabricated sensor was used successfully for determination of methyldopa in tablet and urine samples.


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