Removal of Lead Ion by Sulfonated Polyethersulfone Membrane Using Diffusion Dialysis

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Petroleum and Chemical Engineering, Razi University


In this research, removal of the lead ion in the diffusion dialysis was investigated. The membranes was prepared using sulfonated polyethersulfone at 12, 14 and 18 wt.% concentration by the phase inversion method. Their physical properties including the ion exchange capacity, water content, porosity and thickness of membranes were investigated. For investigation of cation exchange membranes performance, experimental design was developed. Three parameters in three levels were selected. By using signal to noise ratio (SNR), the parameter which had the most effect on the lead ion transport was the concentration of the lead ion in the feed. Furthermore, the effect of sodium ion presence in the feed on the lead ion transport was studied. The effect of addition of nanoclay to the optimum membrane was studied. In the optimum condition, the feed with 100 ppm and 5000 ppm concentrations had the flux of 4.08×10-5 and 6.56×10-2 mmol/s m2, respectively.


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