Measurements of the naproxen solubility in some choline-based deep eutectic solvents as novel green solvents in the pharmaceutical industry and the performance of the UNIIFAC model in this systems

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1 physical chemistry department, Tabriz university

2 department of physical chemistry, tabriz university


Prediction of drugs solubility in various solvents is one of the main challenges in drug discovery and advanced investigation. The thermodynamic models are fast, reliable, and cost-effective methods to select the best solvent or solvent mixtures to increase drug solubility. Experimental solubility determination is not always possible because of the small amount of product available in the early stages of a drug development. In this paper, UNIFAC activity coefficient model is tested for prediction of naproxen (NAP) solubility in two choline-based DESs and the performance of this model is compared with experimental data. The average relative deviation of this model for investigated systems is 10.57% and 15.27% showing that experimental measurements are carried out with high exactitude.


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