A Novel method for Synthesis of Modified Nanofiber with Functionalized Mesopouros by Electrospinning for Removal of Dye(Direct Yellow 12 (D.Y.12))

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1 Applied chemistry.Faculty of Basic Science.Goran Branch Islamic Azad University

2 Department Applied Chemistry,Faculty of Basic Science,Gorgan Branch Islamic Azad University

3 Applied Chemistry,Faculty of Basic Science,Gorgan Branch, Islamic Azad University

4 Applied Chemistry. Faculty of Basic Science.Gorgan Branch Islamic Azad University.


The purpose of this study is to consider and compare applicability of modified chitosan nano fibers with functionalized mesoporous silica in Elecrtrospinning method for Direct Yellow 12 (D.Y.12) removal from aqueous solutions. Provided nano fibers were monitored and detected by TEM, Fe-SEM, XRD, FT-IR devices and Tensile testing. Subsequently, the effect of different operating parameters was achieving optimum condition for performing the adsorption process: such as nano adsorbent types, adsorbent dose, pH, initial dye concentration, contact time. And ultimately, finding suitable isotherms for adsorption of D.Y.12 was performed. Desirable conditions for removing by mesoporous silica chitosan nano fibers with SBA-15-NH2 adsorbent in 40 minutes contact, pH=2, the amount of adsorbent was 0.05 gr with 20 mg/l initial concentration. Also, the results have shown that D.Y.12 removal is following Langmuir and Freundlich isotherm model. The conclusions of this investigation have shown that CTS/SBA-15-NH2 nano fibers adsorb the D.Y.12 effectively and has great potential for purification of infected waste water with dyes.


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