Analysis of Optical Brightneers in Detergent



In the present paper, general aspect about w,detergent formulation and whitness and brightness of fabrics have been disscused. And also relationship be tween these compounds in detergent formulation been mentioned. In basic section of paper the chemistry of O.B. and their types and their classification in household detergent have been mentioned. Four major O.B.discussed here : (I): 4,4-(triazine-2-ilamino) stilbene -2,2.disufonic acid (DAST type) (II):Bis-stilbene,4,4-distyryl-biphenyl(DSBP type (III):Triazole type (IV):DAST type After physical and chemical assessment of meutioned O.B.,these compounds studied in detergent formulation. Also substituted O.B. in Liquid detergent( i.e. DAST O.B. type) with one sulfonic group were examined. In final section of the paper, quantitative and quantitative analysis of O.B. discussed and instrumental analysis such as TLC,UV-Vis,Fluroescence and HPLC have been mentioned. In the present paper,17 references included with could be useful for researchers in formulation of detergents