Technical development of sodium sulfate extraction from Urmia Lake



In this study the amount of sodium sulfate extraction from Urmia Lake and the optimized conditions were investigated using local climate and minimum energy via non evaporative methods. Because of ampleness of sodium sulfate supplies in Iran and also chemical inertness of this compound in production processes and as are salt the simplicity of equipment needed, studying technical points and working conditions are very important. To determine the effect of different factors such as time, temperature, etc. On the yield of products and extra purity of sodium sulfate, samples of lake water taken using vessels with the same size and conditions, and the methods of sodium sulfate extraction in environment temperature without using evaporative methods were investigated. Other elements such as Chlorine, Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, and Potassium were also analyzed in the extracted salt. More over, economic investigations on sodium sulfate extraction were done and some plans for semi industrial and industrial projects were suggested to extract sodium sulfate with the minimum energy and cost.