Synthesis and identification of new [5, 6, 7] quinarene



We have inserted aromatic rings to [5, 6, 7] quinarene and obtained compound 7 as a very stable quinarene. Methyl groups in the structure of quinarene increase its solubility and help to identify the structure with spectroscopic methods. The structure of this new quinarene was identified using CHN, MS, NMR, UV, IR methods. Ultraviolet spectrum of this compound shows λmax at 460nm which is 100 nm less than expected value. PPP-MO and semi empirical calculations with HyperChem program showed that five, six and seven membered rings are not coplanar and seven membered ring which is more flexible is out of the plan of other two rings. For [5, 6, 7] quinarene 7 λmax (460nm) is not varied with solvent polarity which agrees well with structure of quinarene obtained.