Extraction of Titaniumdioxide by sulfate method from ilmenite 40.29%



Titanium dioxide TiO2, occurs in nature in the modifications rutile, anatase, and brookite. Rutile and anatase are produced industrially in large quantities and are used as pigments and catalysts, and in the production of ceramic and electronic materials. Titanium dioxide is of outstanding importance as a white pigment because of its scattering properties (which are Superior to those of all another white pigments), its chemical stability, and lack of toxicity. Titanium dioxide is the most important inorganic pigment in terms of quantity, 3.2 × 106 t were produced in 1995. Titanium dioxide pigments are produced by two different processes, Sulfate method and Chloride method. The production of TiO2 in this project is based on Sulfate method from concentrated ilmenite with assay of 40.29%, which the final assay has reached to 93.32% and the yield to 13.82%.