A New Synthesis for new Class of Opaque Compounds in Radiography



This paper reports a new green synthesis for some anthranilic derivatives as new opaque compound in radiography in poly (ethylene) glycol as a green and reusable solvent. In opaque reagents there are polar functional group and non polar one. The polar functional group increases its solubility in water and decreases its half-life and makes it easy to defecate. The non polar functional group, (usually iodine) increases its lipophilicity. Furthermore iodine absorbs radiation and makes it opaque. On theory this duality hydrophile-lipophile must be explained by dipole moment term. By using semi-empirical AM1 method the dipole moment of some anthranilic acid derivatives calculated and compared whit some commercial available drugs. The calculations show that our new compounds could be the good choices for starting laboratory experiences for determining their biological effects. Further more there is the possibility of simple replacement benzyl group to change its dipole moment and its X-ray absorption.