Optimization Condition of Nano Conductive Polyaniline Synthesizes through Ultrasonic Irradiation under Inert



The aim of this work is to synthesis a polyaniline with high conductivity by chemical oxidative polymerization under ultrasonic irradiation. The aniline polymerization carried out by addition of initiator such an ammonium peroxydisulfate (APS) in aqueous medium under ultrasonic irradiation in inert atmosphere. The influence of synthesis conditions such as the duration of reaction time, concentration of the oxidant, concentration of HCl and presence of air atmospher or inert gas in the obtained polyaniline were investigated. The optimum conditions for the synthesis of polyaniline with better conductivity were determined. Our results demonstrate that polyaniline conductivity depends on the conditions such as, concentration of HCl, presence of oxygen in the reaction medium and molar ration of the initiator. Ultrasonic irradiation is employed to assist the chemical oxidative polymerization of aniline in the presence of ammonium peroxydisulfate(APS).The optimum molar ration of the initiator to the monomer aniline is 2.5:2 .The electrical conductivity of polyaniline synthesis by optimized condition was 23.46 S/cm measured at (0-4)C°. The obtained polyaniline characterized by FT-IR, UV-Vis, Xrd, DSC and SEM.