Suspension polymerization of P.V.C by jelatin surfactant and AIBN as an initiator



In this study production procedure of P.V.C by suspension method were investigated . The experiments were conducted by using vinyl chloride ( 99.5 % ) , jelatin , AIBN as an initiator in a reactor which was equipped with thermometer , mixer and a cooling system . The optimum ratio of monomer to (water - ethanol ) , optimum initiator concentration , optimum temperature were determined to be (100 g / 200 ml , 0.2 g , 60º C ) respectively . The optimum inherent viscosity was found to be 0.95 in cyclohexanon solvent . For quantitative analysis of chlore in P.V.C a Schiff method was used . A value 37 % chlore in P.V.C was obtained.