Synthesis of dithiocarbamate coated nanomagnets and their application in removal of heavy metal ions



Heavy metal ions, especially mercury, lead, and copper are found in the waste water used in the chemical
industry, particularly in the nuclear industry, dye and metallurgy. These pollutants affect the health of humans
and other organisms, so the removal of the pollutants from the wastewater is very important. In this paper
dithiocarbamate coated iron oxide nanoparticles (DTC-MNP) were synthesis and were used for the separation
of heavy metal ions from contaminated water. The adsorption performances of DTC-MNP towards heavy metals
such as Cu(II) and Hg(II) were systematically investigated based upon which the adsorption mechanisms were
deeply exploited. The adsorption of Cu(II) and Hg(II) onto DTC-MNP was strongly dependent on pH of the
system. The results showed that the dithiocarbamate coated nanomagnets can remove heavy metals such as
copper and mercury particles up to 200 ppm.