Synthesis of CdO nanoparticle by chemical precipitation method and its effect on reduction of charge transfer resistant in electron transfer systems



In this work we describe chemical precipitation method as a simple and fast method for synthesis of CdO
nanoparticles. Synthesis of CdO nanoparticle optimize in laboratory condition. Effective factor in nanoparticle
size such as ratio between NaOH and Cd(NO3)2 concentration and calcinations temperature optimized.
Properties of nanoparticles investigate using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, TEM and XRD methods.
Results confirm presence of CdO nanoparticles. Results show that in the ration of 0.25 to 0.5 of Cd(NO3)2 and
NaOH the diameter of CdO nanopartice are 17.5 nm. The 400 0C is best calcinations condition for synthesis of
CdO nanoparticles.