Preparation and Characterization of Novel Ni-Pd/Al2O3 nanocatalyst for dechlorination ofchlorinated hydrocarbons



In this study with a unique method, two samples of Ni-Pd/Al2O3 nanocatalyst were synthesized by
new type of sol-gel method and with different aluminum precursors. In one case ammonia solution was
added drop by drop to a well-stirred aqueous solution of aluminum nitrate to precipitate hydroxide in the
pH=10, after gelation for 2 hours, nickel and palladium nitrate salts solution added to gel in aging step,
after 6 hours catalyst(C1) precursor was prepared. In other case aluminum isopropoxide was refluxed at
70°C and then the suspension kept at 90°C/2 h for remove of alcohol, remains steps for preparation of
catalyst (C2) precursor, were at the same of above. The gels washed with deionized water, and dried at
120°C then calcinated at 650 °C/5 h in air to produced porous catalysts (C1and C2). The obtained
catalysts characterized by SEM, XRF, XRD, BET and PSA techniques. These powders showed BET
surface area, 196 and 226 m2/g and PSA data 300 to 700nm for C1and C2 respectively.