Synthesis and characterization of CdS:Zn nanoparticles by microwave irradiation method



Nanoparticles of Cd1-xZnxS (x = 0-0.3) were prepared in ethylene glycol using microwave irradiation. Zinc acetate, cadmium acetate and thioacetamide were used as the sources of zinc, cadmium and sulfur respectively. Diffraction peaks in powder X-ray diffraction (XRD) patterns of the nanoparticles showed a gradual shift to higher angles with increase in zinc content. Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (DRS) of the specimens revealed that the absorption edges for Cd1-xZnxS nanoparticles blue-shifted upon increasing x value. Energy dispersive X-ray analysis (EDX) data proved the ability of microwave in producing a desired compound. FTIR studies of the specimens revealed the presence of Zn in the produced compounds.