Evaluation of total phenolic content and antioxidant activity of Nelumbo nucifera seed from north of Iran



In this study antioxidant properties and total phenolic content of the extracts of Nelumbo nucifera seeds were examined. The extracts were prepared using the solvents water, methanol, water : methanol (1:1), ethyl acetate, acetone and chloroform. Two experimental methods including DPPH (1,1-Diphenyl-2-picryl-hydrazyl) radical scavenging activity and total antioxidant capacity were used for characterization of antioxidant activity of the extracts. The six extracts showed varying degrees of efficacy in each assay in a dose-dependent manner. The acetone extract with the highest amount of total phenolic content (20.12 ± 0.02 g GAE/100 g dried extract), was the most potent antioxidant in both assays used. The LSA exhibited strong free radical scavenging activity as evidenced by the low EC50 values in DPPH assay (4.28 μg/ml) and in total antioxidant assay by maximum activity (25% of ascorbic acid). On the basis of the results, the acetone extract of Nelumbo nucifera seeds were found to serve as a potential source of natural antioxidants.