Common method for synthesis bisphenols containing Cardo group and their polyesters with high yield



  In this paper two methods were used for the preparation of bis phenols with cardo-group and their polyesters. In comparison with other methods, a suitable method has been proposed for the preparation of these bis phenol s with higher yield and purity and also synthesis of their polymers. To achieve this goal, the 1, 1-bis (4-hydroxyphenyl) cyclohexan was used. In the first method, phenol with cyclohexanone in condensation reaction in the presence of 2 - mercapto propionic acid (the first time ) and hydrochloric/acetic acid used. First method gave higher efficiency in comparison to the second method, phenol with cyclohexanone in reflux situation in the presence of hydrochloric/acetic acid was used. Following the identification of bisphenol as a base monomer reacted with terephthaloyl dichloride as new method, solution and the phase transition polymerization. Compounds were identified by IR, NMR, CHNS and polymers were obtained by TGA test.