Removal of reactive red 74 dye from textile industries waste using zinc oxide nanosorbent


Every day growth of population and industrial activities in recent decades causes to enter excessive amount of pollutants to water resources. Among these pollutants, textile industry’s dyes should be noted which exist in abundance in the sewage. Considering the toxicity of the pollutants, their removal from water resources is necessary. In this research, removal of high demanded dye, reactive red 74, from aqueous solution by zinc oxide nanoparticles was investigated and the affecting parameters such as solution pH, contact time, and sorbent mass on the removal efficiency were determined. In addition, isotherm and kinetic model of the adsorption process were studied. The results showed that the pseudo-second order kinetic equation could best describe the adsorption kinetics and the adsorption process well correlated with Langmuir isotherm.