Kinetical and Thermodynamical study of Direct Red 23 Dye Removal using synthesized NiO /Al2O3/CeO2 nanocomposite



In this study removal process of Direct Red 23 Dye by synthesized NiO/Al2O3/CeO2 nanocomposite was investigated. Physical, surface and morphological properties of the synthesized adsorbent were analyzed by XRD, SEM, EDAX and TEM techniques. Amount of dye removal by nanocomposite was studied considering the effect of different parameters like pH, temperature and time duration. For investigating the experimental data Langmuir and Freundlich isotherms and two kinetically models of pseudo first-order and pseudo second-order were used. From the outcoming results it was appeared that the most removal was accessed at pH of 4 and 65◦C. Results from studying the isotherms and kinetics of dye removal showed that the removal process follows Lungmuir isotherm and the kinetic model of pseudo second-order . Furthermore the obtained values from thermodynamic parameters indicated that the removal of Direct Red 23 Dye by NiO /Al2O3/CeO2 nanocomposite is endothermic and spontaneous.