Synthesis of Open-Chain Derivatives of N-2-3 AminovinylAmino AllylideneEthene-1,2-Diamine UsingVinamidiniumSalts


Recently synthesis of amino derivatives of allylidene is highly attended by researchers of organic chemistry because of their unique structure and their ability to form metal complexes containing Cu (II), Ni( II) and Co (II).These compounds can be used as catalyst precursor of conductive polymers.So, the synthesis of open-chain derivatives of the compounds can play an effective role in the above mentioned studies.

In this research project, open-chain derivatives of N-2-3­-aminovinyl amino allylidene ethene-1,2-diamine perchloratehave been synthesized (Scheme 1) by the reaction of vinamidinium salts containing substituents at γ position  with diaminomaleonitrile in the presence ofN-ethyldiisopropylamine and methanol.Infrared, the obtained products were characterized by IR, 1H-NMR and 13C-NMR.