Evaluation the Inhibition Effect of Diethylene Glycol on the Corrosion of Steel A105 in Seawater and HCl


In this research, the performance of diethylene glycol (DEG) as corrosion inhibitor on the corrosion of carbon steel A105 sample in 5 M hydrochloric acid and Persian Gulf seawater has been studied using potentiodynamic polarization electrochemical tests and weight loss measurements. The results showed that 50 and 150 ppm of DEG has maximum inhibition efficiency in 5 M hydrochloric acid and seawater, respectively. Also, it was demonstrated that DEG act as a mixed inhibitor in acidic media and as an anodic inhibitor in seawater. Investigation of temperature effect on the DEG performance revealed that the corrosion rate increases as the temperature increased but in 25 °C DEG has the highest inhibition efficiency in seawater. Furthermore, it was elucidated that adsorption process of DEG on the steel surface in both media was best fitted with Langmuir isotherm and adsorption process was perform spontaneously.