Author = maleki, behrooz
Evaluation of the results of chromen drug derivatives and their effect on colon cancer

Volume 18, Issue 67, June 2023, Pages 181-194


reihaneh sabbaghzadeh; morvarid moradi; majid momeni-moghadam; behrooz maleki

catalytic applications of coated nanopalladium particles coated on modified GO by Thymbraspicata extract in Suzuki coupling reactions

Volume 16, Issue 58, April 2021, Pages 233-244


Malak Hekmati; Mohammad Yousefi; Hakimeh Ziyadi; Ensieh Ghasemi; parisa Safari Mehr; hojat Veisi; Behrooz Maleki

One-pot and three-component of tetrahydrobenzo [b] pyran derivatives using heterogeneous and recyclable catalysts and its application toward silver nanoparticle synthesis

Volume 13, Issue 48, September 2018, Pages 209-230


Behrooz Maleki; sedigheh ayazi Jannat Abadi; Mehdi Baghayeri; Hossein Asghar Rahnamaye Aliabad; Hojat Veisi