Study of Surface Tension and Surface Properties of Non-Ideal Binary Liquid Mixtures



In this research, surface tension and surface properties of binary mixtures of water with a series of aliphatic carboxylic acids (C1-C4)were investigated by different models at temperature range between (288.15 and 328.15) K. Correlating of the surface tension of the above mentioned binary systems was performed with empirical and thermodynamic based models. In the present work, for the surface tension correlation we used the following models: Redlich-Kister (RK), Li et al. (LWW), Fu et al. (FLW) and Myers-Scott (MS). In addition to finding more information about the surface structure of binary mixtures, surface mole fraction was calculated using an extended Langmuir model (EL). The results provide information on the molecular interactions between the unlike molecules that exist at the surface and the bulk.