Preparation of chromium(III) oxide sub-micron powders by solid state method without fuel


A solid state synthesis of Cr2O3 Sub-micron powders were reported by using [CrIII(acac)3] by combustion synthesis without fuel. , The powder x-ray diffraction technique was used To investigate the phase formation. Also, FESEM micrographs were used to investigate the morphology of the obtained materials. It showed that the morphology of the obtained materials was in the form of porous and characterized in terms of particle size materials. The optical properties of the obtained materials were studied by FTIR spectra. According to the PXRD data, it was found that at an annealing temperature of 1000 °C, the main phase of the obtained materials was hexagonal crystal structures with cell parameters a = b = 4.95876Å and c = 13.5942 Å.