Author = Hassan Zavvar Mousavi
Kinetic and Thermodynamic study of Cd (II), Co (II), Zn (II) removal from aqueous solution by Kiwi Tree Leaves

Volume 17, Issue 65, December 2022, Pages 33-44


Navid Nourbakhsh; Hassan Zavvar Mousavi; eskandar kolvari; Aisan Khaligh

Application of medlar core powder to remove methylene blue from aqueous solution

Volume 17, Issue 64, September 2022, Pages 149-168


meghdad erfani; Reza Ansari; Hassan Zavvar Mousavi

Removal of organic dye methylene blue from aqueous solutions using Ziziphora plant ash

Volume 15, Issue 54, March 2020, Pages 85-100


mohammad shaker dehzad; Sayyed Hassan Zavar mousavi; Ali Mohammad Khah; Hadi Falah Moafi; Navid Noorbakhsh

Preparation of Fe/activated carbon directly from Orange Peel and its application in removal of nitrate from aqueous solutions .

Volume 12, Issue 45, December 2017, Pages 41-50


ziba Mohammadiyan Fard; Sasan Rabieh; Hassan Zavvar Mousavi; Mozhgan Bagheri

Adsorption of heavy metal ions on olive leaves: Equilibrium and kinetic studies

Volume 7, Issue 23, September 2012, Pages 49-56


Hassan Zavvar Mousavi; Zahra Lotfi

Theoretical Studies of Using Amino Acids as a New Class of Antidote Drugs and their Possible Complexes with Zn2+as Antidote Drugs.

Volume 4, Issue 10, June 2009, Pages 57-62


Parivash Peyvandi; Ali Amoozadeh; Hassan Zawwar Mousavi; Firouzeh Nemati