Author = Zavar mousavi, Sayyed Hassan
Kinetic and Thermodynamic study of Cd (II), Co (II), Zn (II) removal from aqueous solution by Kiwi Tree Leaves

Volume 17, Issue 65, December 2022, Pages 33-44


Navid Nourbakhsh; Hassan Zavvar Mousavi; eskandar kolvari; Aisan Khaligh

Application of medlar core powder to remove methylene blue from aqueous solution

Volume 17, Issue 64, September 2022, Pages 149-168


meghdad erfani; Reza Ansari; Hassan Zavvar Mousavi

Removal of organic dye methylene blue from aqueous solutions using Ziziphora plant ash

Volume 15, Issue 54, March 2020, Pages 85-100


mohammad shaker dehzad; Sayyed Hassan Zavar mousavi; Ali Mohammad Khah; Hadi Falah Moafi; Navid Noorbakhsh

Preparation of Fe/activated carbon directly from Orange Peel and its application in removal of nitrate from aqueous solutions .

Volume 12, Issue 45, December 2017, Pages 41-50


ziba Mohammadiyan Fard; Sasan Rabieh; Hassan Zavvar Mousavi; Mozhgan Bagheri

Adsorption of heavy metal ions on olive leaves: Equilibrium and kinetic studies

Volume 7, Issue 23, September 2012, Pages 49-56


Hassan Zavvar Mousavi; Zahra Lotfi

Theoretical Studies of Using Amino Acids as a New Class of Antidote Drugs and their Possible Complexes with Zn2+as Antidote Drugs.

Volume 4, Issue 10, June 2009, Pages 57-62


Parivash Peyvandi; Ali Amoozadeh; Hassan Zawwar Mousavi; Firouzeh Nemati