Keywords = adsorption
Investigation of adsorption of Chromium & Copper ions on TEOS xerogel

Volume 12, Issue 42, March 2017, Pages 167-180


Ali Aslrousta; Khamal haghbeen

Effect of Lithium Doping on Hydrogen Adsorption of Defected Graphene: A First-Principles Sudy

Volume 10, Issue 37, December 2015, Pages 63-70


Elnaz Eisapour; Seyed Majid Hashemianzadeh; Sepideh Ketabi

Adsorption of heavy metal ions on olive leaves: Equilibrium and kinetic studies

Volume 7, Issue 23, September 2012, Pages 49-56


Hassan Zavvar Mousavi; Zahra Lotfi

Thoretical Investigation of Absorptive Oxygen Bonding With Ni(111) Surface

Volume 6, Issue 21, January 2012, Pages 13-20


Amir Naser Shamkhali; Kobra Gharagan Abadi

Removal of Crystal Violet from aqueous solution using nettle leaf

Volume 6, Issue 21, January 2012, Pages 61-71


Seyedeh Rezvaneh Rseyedi