Keywords = Schiff Base
Synthesis, crystal structure, spectroscopic, molecular docking and DFT Studies of two Schiff base ligands derived from DL-1- Phenylethylamine

Volume 13, Issue 49, December 2018, Pages 103-116


Mahdi Salehi; Maciej Kubickib; Mahbobeh Jafari; Masumeh Galini; fatemeh soleimani

A new fluorescent chemosensor for detection of aluminium ions

Volume 11, Issue 38, April 2016, Pages 75-84


Reza Azadbakht; Tayyebe Almasi; Javad Khanabadi

reparation of Cobalt Oxide (Co3O4) Nanoparticles Using Thermal

Volume 9, Issue 31, July 2014, Pages 39-44


Aliakbar Dehno Khalaji; Zahra Dehnavi