Keywords = Graphene Oxide
Study the absorption process of cadmium ions by Fe3O4/L-methionine/graphene oxide and graphene Aerogel nanocomposites from aqueous environments

Volume 18, Issue 68, September 2023, Pages 303-322


Nooshin Abbasi; Parviz Aberoomand Azar; Mohammad Saber Tehrani; javad Mokhtari Aliabad

Development of copper electrochemical sensor using D-penicillamine functionalized graphene oxide modified electrode

Volume 18, Issue 67, June 2023, Pages 71-90


Maryam Khordadpour Siahkal Mahalleh; Fatemeh Ahour; Sajjad Keshipour

Synthesis and characterization of multifunctional graphene oxide with gamma-cyclodextrin and SPION as new nanocarriers for drug delivery

Volume 14, Issue 51, July 2019, Pages 35-50


Elham Einafshar; Ali Haghighi Asl; Mohammad Ramezani; Azadeh Hashemnia; Azim Malekzadeh