Main Subjects = Organic Chemistry
One-pot and catalyst free synthesis of new pyranopyrazol derivatives

Volume 14, Issue 51, July 2019, Pages 311-324


Neda Inanloo; Mohammad Bayat; monireh rezaei

Direct and efficient conversion of thioamides to benzazole derivatives using N,N'-dibromophenytoin

Volume 14, Issue 50, April 2019, Pages 105-112


Hassan Zali-Boeini; Hadi Amiri Rudbari; Khadijeh Hajibabaei

Chitosan modified with cobalt(II) as a green catalyst for the oxidation of styrene to styrene oxide

Volume 13, Issue 48, September 2018, Pages 67-74


Sajjad Keshipour; Farivar Ahmadi; Behnam Seyyedi; Esmaeil Habibi

One-pot and three-component of tetrahydrobenzo [b] pyran derivatives using heterogeneous and recyclable catalysts and its application toward silver nanoparticle synthesis

Volume 13, Issue 48, September 2018, Pages 209-230


Behrooz Maleki; sedigheh ayazi Jannat Abadi; Mehdi Baghayeri; Hossein Asghar Rahnamaye Aliabad; Hojat Veisi

Using highly substituted isocyanides in the synthesis ofiminothiophenes fused to quinolines

Volume 13, Issue 48, September 2018, Pages 231-240


Morteza Shiri; shima fazelzadeh; Zeinab Faghihi; Behrouz Notash

Isolation and identification of natural sterols from Pimpinella affinis

Volume 13, Issue 48, September 2018, Pages 241-250


Yaghoub Sarrafi; Hossein Dehghan; Hadis Tavahodi