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Synthesis and Characterization of NiO/ZnO Nanocomposite and its Application in Ibuprofen Drug Delivery

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 28 October 2023


Mehdi Hossienzadeh; Akbar Hassanpour; Mohamad AliHosseini; Hossein Safardoust; Morteza Mirzaei

Design and Fabrication of Infrared Detector Based on Polyaniline/Silver Nanowire Nanocomposite

Volume 18, Issue 67, June 2023, Pages 149-164


Mahsa Mahdavinia; Gholamreza Kiani; Ayub Karimzad Ghavidel

Adsorption behavior investigation of Cellulose-Triazole-TiO2 bionanocomposite for removal of Hg+2 ion from aqueous solution

Volume 14, Issue 50, April 2019, Pages 303-318


Zari Fallah; Hossein Nasr Isfahani; Mahmood Tajbakhsh; Hamed Tashakkorian; Abdoliman Amouei

A Study on the removal of chromium (VI) from aqueous solutions by Starch-Montmorillonite/polyaniline nanocomposite

Volume 1396, Special Issue of the Second Seminar on Applied Chemistry of Iran, Sep. 2017, January 2019, Pages 57-71


Synthesis, characterization and antibacterial property of Ag2O/Large Mordenite nanocomposite

Volume 13, Issue 47, June 2018, Pages 301-312


Motahhareh Mohammadpour; Afshin Pourahmad; Leila Asadpour

Removal of methylene blue by sawdust coated with magnesium oxide nanoparticles

Volume 13, Issue 46, March 2018, Pages 219-238


Reza Ansari; Amir Mohammadpour Tasih; Esmail Rasooly Garmaroody; Hossein Kermanian

Synthesis of copper nanoparticle- decorated graphene oxide nanocomposite and its application in azo dye degradation

Volume 8, Issue 26, June 2013, Pages 9-20


Tahereh Poursaberi; Hadi Ghanbarnejad; Mohammad reza Shoja; Mohsen Bahari Yamchelu